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About Us

About "House of Change" coaching process

People’s behaviours and ideas usually evolve organically over time. Changing these behaviours often proves difficult. House of Change is there to partner with you to assess, coach and support changes in order to achieve your desired results.

Any “change” journey begins with setting clear goals followed by analysing the movements that interact, create and/or sustain the behaviour which help or hinder achievement of these desired goals. Our consultants facilitate reflection on four key dimensions of human experience (behaviour, thoughts, feelings and context) often referred to as “the House of Change”

We do this by offering constructive fact-based feedback through the use of Hogan Assessment tools. The Hogan report gives fact-based feedback rather than a personal opinion.

Why engage House of Change?

  • We are a member of the international Coaching Federation (ICF), the University of Sydney Coaching and Mentoring Association (USCMA) and accredited Hogan Practitioners.
  • We are passionate about creating sustained shifts in behaviour, feelings and thinking
  • We take a practical, solutions-based approach
  • House of Change has over 15 years' experience in coaching and HRM consulting to individuals, corporate and SME business, with special expertise in Sales Environments.

Hogan assesses:

  • Personality characteristics necessary for success in career and life in general.
  • Strengths and potential barriers to personal and career development.
  • Motives, values, goals and preferences of the individual.

We use Hogan assessment tools for:

  • Leadership development
  • Career coaching
  • Recruitment and selection: job/cultural match
  • Onboarding and employee development
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