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Services for Individuals


Coaching is a series of goal-directed conversations that results in changes to help performance and learning of the individual.

House of Change offers a variety of coaching services:

  • “In Transition” Leadership Coaching Program
    Prepare for success whilst transitioning from an individual contributor to a managerial role. This coaching/mentoring program is ideal for emerging leaders with or without the necessary leadership training. It assists them to further enhance and develop the skills and behaviours needed to become a successful manager/leader. This tailored program helps to gain leadership excellence by working with real examples and situations from the work floor.
  • Career Coaching for Individuals
    Let us help you assess, develop and/or adjust your career path, enabling you to make decisions that work for you. This program is for people who would like to further develop and/or change their career. The program assists the individual in making the right decisions and where necessary we can help you with practical tips around how to apply successfully, how to best prepare for an interview, current labour market info, etc. Sessions are based on an individual assessment evaluating career potential and important personal values and will deliver a personalised action plan.
  • Business / Executive Coaching
    This service is great for Managers/Executives seeking the opportunity to have open and candid conversations around the challenges of their role, behaviours in the team, or managing a team or business in general. The program offers a non-threatening, confidential space where you can discuss examples and situations, assess the challenges and opportunities of that situation and learn to how to get to a satisfying outcome.

The coaching process will:

  • find common ground which will help understand the areas of change or development required
  • encourage understanding and vision of the future
  • qualify and work on the skills to achieve future vision
  • prepare and action a plan
  • monitor and evaluate progress
  • change what is not working and do more of what is working
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