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Coaching Testimonials:

I worked with Daphne through a rather politically sensitive, fast paced change management program. Daphne was a valued confidant that offered an intelligent perspective on situations and discussed matters with empathy and objectivity. Certainly, Daphne's contribution helped to ensure the program was effective.

I recommend Daphne to anyone who needs an objective and insightful mentor in the people management discipline.

Robert Loader
Career Coaching client

I recently landed in a situation where I felt unhappy and a real need to make changes re my work situation. However, I was uncertain how to best manage the situation. I kept procrastinating whether to look at opportunities within the organisation, or resign and look external. Or, maybe I just needed to change my attitude and approach and get over it?

It was great to talk the situation through with Daphne. She asked me the right questions, helped me make the implicit assumptions explicit, and then formulate the relevant pros and cons of each choice. This was important, not only for my career but also for achieving important personal goals such as a healthy work/life balance and understanding and accepting my personal drivers. This clarity helped me to formulate an action plan which made me feel in control again.

Daphne is someone who has a personal as well as practical approach. Talking to her has made a real difference for me. I highly recommend her and her work.

J.R Coaching client

After 18 years working as a lawyer, I decided to resign from my employment to care for our children. Three years later, when I felt ready to re-enter the workforce, I was faced with the daunting prospect of finding a job. This was made all the more daunting by the fact that I had been in continuous employment since finishing my degree and had not looked for employment since I graduated, almost twenty years ago.

On top of that, my core values around employment had changed completely. What I was looking for (a part-time position in an intellectually stimulating environment) felt impossible to find.

Speaking with Daphne helped me regain that sense of myself as a skilled and experienced person in my industry. It helped me clarify, in my own mind, the reasons behind my past choices in career development as well as what I was looking for in a job, allowing me to understand how to best market myself to a potential employer.

The clarity I gained from speaking with Daphne was immensely helpful in giving me that confidence which is so crucial in any interview with a potential employer.

G.M. - Individual Coaching Client

Consulting Testimonials:

Daphne connected with The Corporate Executive Board (CEB) in 2008 when the company had just established a physical presence in Asia Pacific. She was brought in as an HR consultant to recruit for a second stage of growth in Sydney as well as assisting the company with setting up local HR practice.

Daphne is an outcome-oriented professional who handily delivers on operational requirements while also contributing strategically. Her style is collaborative, partnered, and balanced. She is an exceptional recruiter and coach, who understand the nuance of business demands, talent motivations and cultural dynamics.

Christy Forest, Executive Director, Asia-Pacific, Corporate Executive Board

Daphne is the perfect consultant and a great team player. Fully dedicated to her projects, smart and tuned in. I thoroughly enjoyed dealing with her as she provided sound quality advice and smoothly lead people through changes thanks to her strong coaching skills, empathy and understanding of their situation. I would work with Daphne again anytime.

Florence Caruette, Director, Property Smarts Consulting


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