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HRM Business Solutions

Improve your organisational success by aligning people and their performance to your business goals. Want to know more or discuss a specific issue? please ring or email us for an obligation free conversation with one of our consultants.

Talent is the most important success factor of any company in the world. House of Change offers services that assist you to source and select, onboard and manage talent to success. Services are divided into 3 core areas:

- Finding talent
- Onboarding talent (induction)
- Managing talent

Finding Talent: (please click on each service listed below to see more detail)

Recruitment campaigns

Sample interview guides

Personality match reports

Onboarding Talent:

Onboarding Program Design

Onboarding Coaching Package

Managing Talent

Performance Management Assistance Packages

This is a suite of tools and strategies helping your business to manage and/or improve performance of staff. We can assist you with setting-up a performance appraisal system, setting accurate KPI's or job objectives in line with your business goals, coaching how to run productive review meetings as well as delivering exit strategies for non-performers.

How to set-up an effective Performance Appraisal

Skill Training/ Skill Coaching

Other HRM business solutions

Why is onboarding (induction) so important

Research suggests that effective onboarding programs can improve an organization's bottom-line as it helps increasing overall morale, improves integration into existing corporate culture, and expands employee performance and engagement resulting in reduction of new hire turnover.

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